About Our North Jersey Dog Trainer – Donna Hartmann

Donna Hartmann is a professional dog trainer and life-long dog owner and advocate.   Donna bring her experience to Meadowlands Dog Training by providing expert dog behavior training throughout North Jersey.

As a certified member-trainer of Canine Trade Group, in addition to her own years of experience, Donna has completed one of the most intensive trainer courses in the United States.  This includes weeks of study of dog behavior and learning theory, followed by an extremely comprehensive 160-hour hands-on training course, working with dogs experiencing moderate to severe behavioral issues.

Led by John Van Olden, an extremely accomplished dog trainer with over 25-years of experience, Canine Trade Group is a small, exclusive network of professional dog trainers who are dedicated to providing the highest level of behavior training available.  In all cases our trainers commit to working with our clients until we achieve all of our training goals.    Canine Trade Group works closely with the veterinary community and our affiliated trainers are considered to be the most respected, reliable and successful in their communities.

Donna always begins the training process with an extremely thorough behavior consultation where she will spend up to two hours with you to learn about your dog’s behavior, any issues that are going on, and what your goals are.   Once she has done this, she will formulate a detailed and customized training plan with you, tailored to your dog’s personality and your family’s situation and lifestyle.

John Van Olden

John is a veteran dog trainer who decided to combine his love for man’s best friend with his keen business sense and desire to help people by creating Canine Trade Group. Canine Trade Group works to help individuals feeling overwhelmed by canine behavior problems such as aggression, housebreaking, digging, etc. connect with certified, professional in-home trainers in their area. John has created a network of trainers located all over the country, and each one is taught and tested personally by him.

John is an expert in his field. His knowledge began with training military dogs and has expanded to include years of study, helping to launch the International Association of Canine Professionals, starting the first dog training franchise in the country, and heading PAWSitive Solutions. John’s knowledge is an invaluable asset to the trainers within the CTG network and to the clients they work with.

Dr. Karen Usselman V.M.D.

Dr. Usselman is originally from western New York, attended Cornell University and then the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia.  She graduated in 1996 and joined Brenford Animal Hospital in May 1996.  She is currently a partner with the practice.  Dr. Usselman enjoys working with dogs and cats.  She is particularly interested in internal medicine, ultrasonography, behavior and dentistry.  She serves as the treasurer of the Delaware Veterinary Medical Association and has taught in the Delaware Technical College Vet Tech program.  Dr. Usselman is married to Dr. Jeff Booth and has two children, three dogs and a cat to keep her busy at home.

Cristin Nataro 

Cristin is the proud owner of two dogs—a Golden Retriever named Hunter and a Border Collie named Sike!. She’s an accomplished trainer herself, working with several dogs for agility competitions and even earning two Master Agility Championship titles and qualifying for two AKC National Agility Championships. Even though she knows plenty about canine psychology and competition training methods, it wasn’t until joining the Canine Trade Group team as their Associate Behavior Consultant she got an inside look at how to train dogs with behavioral problems. She took her newfound knowledge and used it to combat Sike!’s resource guarding and fear aggression. Now, she’s not only an employee of Canine Trade Group, but also one of their strongest testimonials.

Erin Casey 

Erin has worked with animals her whole life. Her first experience was training and riding horses, and her second was caring for her family’s Great Danes. When she moved out and got a place of her own, she rescued a Shiba Inu named Pumpkin who came with a few minor but annoying behavior problems—namely barking at, running to, and jumping on visitors. After beginning work at Canine Trade Group, Erin took several in-depth courses on canine theory, history, and training methods with John Van Olden and learned exactly how to communicate with Pumpkin and improve her behavior. Now, she dedicates her time to helping potential CTG clients find the same sense of calm in their canine/human relationship.

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